Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Sakura has bloomed in the first week of April 2014

The Sakura right in front of my home - Kita-Toda

It's my second time to be able to see the beautiful sakura in Japan. It usually blooms towards the end of March until the beginning of April. This year it was in the first week of April. The Winter was longer than usual so it bloomed quite late.
Usually in the south of Japan it blooms earlier than in the north.

I personally think the blooming time is one of the most magical moments in Japan.
Last year I saw the cherry blossoms at the Ueno Park. This year I was able to see them at the Imperial Palace and Ichigaya.


Imperial Palace Chidoya


They say the cherry blossoms at the Imperial Palace are the most beautiful in Tokyo. Indeed I spent a very magical day there!!

This beauty last for a couple of days until...

... the blossoms fall and the trees grow leafs.

It's definitely worth seeing a beauty like this live!!

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