Montag, 17. November 2014

Adventure Time limited Shop in Shibuya

Just the other day my friend told me about the opening of an "Adventure time" shop in Shibuya. My best friend is a huge fan of adventure time so I got quite interested in it. It is only a limited shop though. Only up until the 11/24/2014.

When I was walking around Shibuya I came across the mascottes doing commercial and taking pictures on the street.
Beside the shop there are also various other events going on during that period.

The shop is in Shibuya inside the Marui Jam building at the 1F. 

Directions: From the Big crossing keep Starbucks on your left side and walk on the other side. It's right after McDonalds.

Don't worry if the store closes: Adventure time articles are available in several toystores around Tokyo. There is one in Harajuku.

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