Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

Christmas lights in Tokyo 2014

The night view in Tokyo is always impressive, but during Christmas time it gets even better.
They start really early with decorating. After Halloween you are already able to see illuminations.
They don't celebrate Thanksgiving so there is nothing stopping them from anticipating Christmas.

Here are some of my favorite places in Tokyo:

1. Ebisu

The first illumination that I saw weas in Ebisu. Ebisu is where the famous Beer Garden is and where many japanese movies are filmed. One of the most famous drama is "花より男子" "Hana yori dango".

Do you recognize this spot?? =) This was were Tsukasa waited for Tsukushi !!

The opening of the great Chandelier

2. Tokyo Dome

The illuminations in Tokyo Dome were just so futuristic and colorful!! On top of that, they played music box melodies and made everything feel soo fairytale-ish.

 3. Shinjuku North Terrace

This was the only illumination that I saw in Shinjuku but definitely the most outstanding one. =)

4. Roppongi and Roppongi Hills

Definitely the most beautiful illumination that I have ever seen!! It's stunning and so magical. There is even a light show that looks like fireworks.

Roppongi Hills

This view!! *__*

Around Mori Tower



Light show

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