Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

Disneyland Resort in Tokyo

The place where fairy tales become reality. Since I can remember I always wanted to go to Disneyland.
Last May I went for the second time to Disney in Tokyo. I love that place!!

The entrace fee was 6400 Yen for 1 day-pass. It's quite expensive if you consider that only the roller coaster are for free. Then again considering the maintenance cost for the park, it's understandable.

Even thought Easter was already over, the park was still Easter-themed. The decoration was really really pretty! I heard that on Easter they actually had an egg hunting! How cool is that?!? =)

For roller coaster they actually have some really cool ones. There is  Pirates of the Carribean right next to the entrance and also a hounting castle and many more.

Disneyland has by far the bestest food ever!! I wish food would be included in the entrance fee. Since all I do in Disney is eating. Not that I don't do that when I'm not in there.. haha.. Oh well.. xD

Micky-shaped cookies and other delicious goodies... Not to mention caramel popcorn!! Literally the bestest popcorn in the entire world!!

As for souvenirs I got myself another micky-shaped macaroon lookalike pillow!! xD I already bought one in pink the first time I went. This time I purchased a minth-green one.

As for other things they had a lot of easter-themed products and so much more. Basically you can spend the entire day buying souvenirs.

Beside Disneyland there is also Disney Sea on the other side. The parks are not connected to each other. It's a separated entrance for each park. I've never been there but I heard that Disney Sea is more for grown-ups. The roller coasters are scarier, not that actually roller coaster in Disney are scary, but you know what I mean... right? xD

What I really like about Disney is that when you are there you just forget about everything and enjoy the moment. Everybody is so happy and it's just contagious. You literally just become happy yourself and everybody always greets you. It really feels like a little perfect world without worries. It's just the moment that matters.

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