Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Climbing up Mt. Takao / Fall 2014

Before leaving Japan I wanted to see for a last time Mt. Fuji. I heard that you could see Fuji from the top of Mt. Takao. Since Mt. Takao is not too far from Tokyo. I decided to climb it up.

On a beautiful day we took from Shinjuku the Commuter Rapid Chuo Line direction Takao station. From there we had to change trains and go one other station. (It takes about 30mins)

The climb takes less than 3 hours. If you are not a climber there are also ropeways to shorten the trip. But on the day we went, many people were standing in line waiting to go on the ropeway.

From Mt. Takao you get a really nice view over Tokyo and surroundings. It's really impressive to see how big Tokyo actually is. You don't need to go up till the top to see this view though. Already halfway you will be able to see it clearly. On the way up, there are several food shops and tempels to visit.

If you arrive on top you should be able to see Mt. Fuji as well. I went right for it just to found out that it was cloudy where Fuji was and I could only see the shadow of it...

...with a bit of fantasy I created my own version of Mt. Fuji. :P

All in one I have to say that climbing up Mt. Takao is great, if you want to get a really nice view over the city and surroundings. The colour of the trees were pretty amazing as well. Japan's nature is surely impressive.


Mt. Takao is a perfect chance to escape the busy life in Tokyo and breathe some fresh air.

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