Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Penis Festival in Kawasaki 2014年4月6日

Once a year near Tokyo in a town called Kawasaki which is about 20 minutes from Shinagawa, takes a weird festival place.
It's the so called Kanamara Matsuri or also known as the penis festival.

The event takes place at Kawasaki-Daishin. Right near a station there is a small temple. Unmissable since so many people are going. Not only japanese but also many foreigners.

The festival starts around 11 o'clock, but the actual parade only starts at 12 o'clock.

Around this temple there are many stands with food and drinks offered. Most of the foods are in a penis form. Ex. ice cream, lollipops, sausiges, ...

They also offer amusement activities.
There was a group of japanese women dancing and some wooden penis riding.

This little cute monkey was an attraction too. Honestly this only broke my heart seeing him like this!! ='( I don't think he actually wanted to be there. He looked quite confused and probably felt uncomfortable around so many people!!

Honestly I don't really know what to think about this event... It was really crowded and we were barely able to see anything. Once you saw it there was nothing holding you there anymore.
We didn't stay long there. We went through the sweets section and saw the beginning of the parade. That was enough for us and we left.
I was quite surprised at how many people actually went there. I imagined that there wouldn't be that many people, but it was really crowded.

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