Sonntag, 2. März 2014

EXCEL Hairsalon in 109 Woman Shibuya

109 for Woman is one of the most known stores in Shibuya. It's right at the big crossing, impossible to miss. If so then just ask somebody for directions.
Beside being an awesome place to shop it also has a hair salon on the 8th floor.
It was my 4th time going there. I really love this place!! The personal is really friendly and everything looks so nice there.

Inside the hair salon

Everytime I went there I had more or less an idea on how to cut my hair and already picked out some pictures to show them. They also have magazines with hairstyle ideas.
Let me tell you something, they really try to get the exact same result as it is shown on the pictures. No kidding they take it super serious.

My hair transformation from long to supershort.
This is how my hair developped from super long to super short... If you want to know more about why I cut my hair click here.

Just to give you an example, I showed them a picture of Keira Kneighley with short hair and they basically made my hair look exactly the same.

their color collection

If there is something that they can't do, they try their best to do it as similar as possible.

The last time I asked them if it is possible to color my hair purple. I showed them the following picture:

They told me that this is only temporary color and for getting this result, I would need to bleach my hair.They had a purple-pink color and suggested me to color my hair twice, in that way I would get a close result to that picture.
Since japanese hair color is weaker and less damaging, it wouldn't be to damaging for my hair coloring them twice.

selfie while waiting for the color to have effect

This is the outcome of coloring my hair twice without bleaching them....

I was really sattisfied with the result. Everytime I leave this hair salon, I'm super duper happy with the outcome of my hair.

The prices are not that expensive eighter.
For a cut you pay 3500 yen and for coloring 12000 yen. Coloring is a little bit more expensive.

While you are in Tokyo give it a try!!! =)

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