Montag, 1. April 2013

Back to school - KPOP Street - first week in Tokyo

On Monday I had my first day at school. It's called KAI Japanese Language School. It's situated in Okubo-dori, train station Shin-Okubo, in a korean quarter which is awesome. There are a lot of KPOP-fanstores, beauty and other stores and also many restaurants. There they have brands like Thefaceshop, Etude House and many others.

At the moment we are four students in my class. I'm going to a conversation class. The Sensei are all really nice. I could start in level 2 which is perfect. There are a lot of new things that I'm learning.
My home is about 40 minutes away from the school. It's ok because there are good train connections. I have school in the afternoon from 13:00 until 16:00. At first I thought it was a stupid time in the middle of the day, but now that I have been doing it for some time I got used to it. I still have enough time before and after school.
The school offers some cultural activities like: tea ceremony, jap. calligraphy, Origami,... I thought they were already included in the school fees but I was wrong. You have to pay for each course 1000 円.

Day 1

After school we went to Akihabara the Electro town in Tokyo.
It's really impressive. There are Maidgirls everywhere and it's really beautiful at night with the lightnings.
It surely is worth visiting it once.

Day 2

Yesterday it was raining the entire day, so I didn't want to go too far away. I went to Harajuku near Shibuya. A classmate told me it would be great for shopping and not too expensive.
The shopping street (Takeshita dori) is right in front of Harajuku station. There are a lot of cute clothing stores and I found a beauty store that has a huge collection.
I also found a Missha store there. There are also a lot of crepes stands and if you haven't tried the crepes yet, I would definitely recommend them to you. They are soooo delicious. I'm obsessed with them. You can choose different toppings, like fruit, chocolate, cake, ecc. The cream that comes as a base is so good!

Day 3

Today after school I went to Shinjuku. The station there is huge and around the station there are many shopping malls. There are a lot of cute clothing stores for girls, but sometimes they are very expensive. There was a sweet stores called Le petit mercerie they sold delicious cakes. On the streets in front of the station I found Forever21, Topshop and Zara. There are way more stores but I didn't get the chance to check them out.

JR trains

I'm slowly getting a hold of the trains. Today I didn't purchased the wrong ticket nor did I went in the wrong train. I still have to purchase the Pasmo Pass but I can't find the place to buy it. They told me that it should be available in a Konbini.

Update: You can buy the Pasmo or Suica at the ticket machine in every station. It's the black box. In the end I went for Suica because it's valid all over Japan while the Pasmo is only for Tokyo. I bought a monthly subscription from home to school.

Click here for more informations about Transportation in Japan.

Jr Skyliner

Remember that I told you I went with the Skyliner from the airport to Tokyo. They told me that there are busses who drive to Tokyo for way cheaper prices.

Update: I never once took the bus to go to Narita. I always took the Skyliner because I was never in time to go to the airport. Remember to check the times and if you buy the ticket at the same day be there early. I lost the train because I had to wait in line to buy the ticket and the next train was 40mins later!! I was running like a crazy person throughout entire Narita because I only had 30mins left!! xD

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