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Hostel in Hokkaido - Sapporo/Asahikawa

I finally get to go to Hokkaido for a bit more than a week. If you haven't seen my post yet click here.

During these 8 days I spent the nights in Sapporo and Asahikawa. In both cities I decided to stay in a Hostel. My friend suggested me to download this app called: Hostelworld. This app suggests you a bunch of hostels from the city your staying in and you can directly book everything through this app.

Hostel in Sapporo

For my stay in Sapporo I had several options. I booked my stay in the "International Hostel Khaosan Sapporo".

entrance to Khaosan


The location of the hostel is right in the center of Sapporo in Susukino. It's 10 minutes away from the Metro Station and easily accessible.

Place description

The hostel is quite big. They offer a big kitchen and the living room is big too. For each floor there is a bathroom with 2 shower rooms. The bathrooms are mixed, girls and boys use it, even if you are in an only girl room.

room in Khaosan


You have the choice between mixed room and only girls room. It's sometimes hard to get an only girls room if you ask for it last minute.
The first few days I had an only girl room and shared it with 2 other girls. I even went with one to Otaru. For the last few days I ended up in a mixed room. I felt kind of uneasy because there was a weird guy in my room. There is a curtain in front of your bed but it only covers up your face, so there is not much privacy.
The beds are in japanese style futons. For each bed there is a locker.

room in Khaosan

japanese style bed

Rate 3/5

All-in-one I thought it was ok. I didn't meet many people because most of them already knew each other and where just ignoring all the rest. I was not really a fan of the shared room and I also didn't like that the bathrooms were shared too. The location was really nice and everything was clean too.

Hostel in Asahikawa


There is only one Hostel in Asahikawa and it's called "Guesthouse". Be aware that it might always be full, since many tourists pass by frequently. I got lucky and still found some space last minute.



The access to the hostel is so easy. It's 10 minutes away from the station. All straight ahead.

Place description

Random decoration

If every hostel was like this one, I would travel around the world all my life. The decoration was awesome!! It's a small place, maybe around 20 beds. The bathrooms were separated, but there was only one shower that was shared. The kitchen was really small. The owner is from Okinawa and I got the feeling he decorated the place in Okinawa style, there is just someting soo cozy about that place. In that hostel I met many new friends and it was really easy to talk to others. Most of them were hikers and only stopping by for a night before climbing up a mountain.




Also in this hostel they offered mixed or only girls room. I ended up in the mixed room, but it was a whole new level compared to the hostel in Sapporo. My bed was completely covered up and no one could see inside my bed. The only disadvantage is that if somebody near my bed would turn on the lights it was quite disturbing. The beds where also in japanese style.

The only girls room
Mixed room

Rate 5/5

No joke, I wished I could go back there! That hostel was so much fun. The owners were all so friendly and helpful. It felt kind of like home. =)

Ps. Ask the owner about the secret base ;)

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