Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Lets fly away from all the trouble...

In just a few days I be leaving home. I'm going for 3 months alone to Japan for studying japanese and travel around the country.

I never left home alone and never went so far away.
I'm really excited about it. I'm not scared or worried about anything, I'm sure this gives me so many new experiences.
A lot of people said it would be crazy to go alone there. My mum was against it too.

How everything started
Since my apprenticeship I wanted to go abroad. I didn't have enough money back then so I couldn't go. Instead I went to work and kept saving for it.
I wasn't sure where to go. I thought a lot about the US or Canada sounded also really interesting.
In the end I decided to go to Japan.

How I started to learn japanese
After I finished my apprenticeship, I had a lot more free time because I didn't have to learn anymore. I started to take spanish lessons but it was way to easy because of the similarities with italian.
I wanted to learn a language that has different characters to our ABC.
I thought a lot about Chinese but I really liked the japanese pronunciation.
In the end I chose japanese and I started studying it 1 1/2 years ago.

How I started to love Asia
With the time I got to know a lot about Japan in generally. Even thought I'm half asian I never was really interested for Asia.
But everything has changed now.
I was introduced to JPOP and KPOP. To be honest even thought I'm studying japanese I prefer listening to KPOP.
Through KPOP I was introduced to KDramas. I'm really addicted to it now.
I really got interested in korean too and started to learn on my own the korean alphabet, which is really easy to learn. It says that everyone is able to learn it in 30 minutes.

How I planned everything
Last year I started to think that in 2013 I want to go abroad.
I still didn't thought about it properly and didn't make plans until autumn 2012.
When I returned in September to work after my holiday. I was informed that my company would move to another town, which was farer away from my home and more in the countryside
I was speechless back then. I'm not a fan of the countryside at all and wasn't ready to drive to such a place everyday.
I intended to ask if I could take vacation for 3 months in spring 2013, I thought about March to July.
They couldn't give me an answer immediately. They needed time for reflection.
I thought about quitting my job but my mum was against it.
As I told her that I wanted to go to Japan for 3 months she was really unhappy.
I wouldn't have quit my job without her permission, because I would only have a bad conscience.
I was thinking about so many options if I wouldn't receive the permission from my company. I was even willing to just go for a months.

I didn't received an answer until December, so I decided to go ask again.
Again they told me that they couldn't give me an answer.
During the time from September to December I started to get really depressed, especially after we moved to the new location. In the first week I was really unhappy.
I was always complaining to my parents. My mum told me to search for a new job, but I knew that if I would change job, I couldn't go to Japan.

Somehow my mum's opinion about Japan started to chance.
As I told her again that I wanted to quit my job she was really neutral and said I should do what I think is right.
That was enough for me and I quit my job.

The week before Christmas I informed myself about price and schools for my trip.
From a company I received an offer and so it went on and right after Christmas I booked everything.
I felt so relaxed after that. My flight was booked for 30th March.

In those 3 months left I still went to work but I was more relaxed.
I was thinking about what I needed to do before my departure.
I informed myself about paying options, transport option (rail-pass), activities to do in Japan, vaccinations, ...)
My mum also informed herself about Japan. I can tell that she's really worried, especially now that it's almost time.
She's always like: what if something happens?
Then I would say: Why? The possibilities that I get in a car accident is higher...
Well maybe she will be more relaxed after I'm gone and everything is fine.


  1. I think about going abroad too. Since i loved Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris" and started learning French i wanted to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral.
    So i should visit France. But i don't want to only visit France - i want to LIVE in France for some time. Even though i was learning French only 3 years, in middle school, and now i'm learning German, so my French isn't really good, i'm sure i want to live in France.
    But my mom also doesn't want me to emigrate. I want to do this after my high school, after passing all exams (it's Matura in Poland). I hope i'll emigrate, even though it may seem impossible. But when i started reading your blog i realised, that maybe it IS possible. Maybe not so easy, but possible. I really admire you! :)

  2. Hi Stina, I'm abroad for almost 6 months now and my mom is still totally worried about me. She sends me messages everyday. It's kind of annoying actually. :S I told her once, that I don't really want to write or Skype with her everyday, but I wasn't successful... I think this is just how mothers are, always worried about their children. But at least she accepted the fact, that I like to travel and doesn't try to stop me anymore.

    I definitely recommend you to try it to. You can always go back to your hometown, if it doesn't work out. But first graduate from your school. That's always really important.

    Try to explain to your mother why you want to go. Show her the good sides of it. Learning a language is always an advantage.

    Thank you so much for reading my blog. =) It makes me really happy. Good luck on your final exams.