Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Fuji-san and Shibazakura Matsuri Mai 2014

After almost 1 year that I've been in Japan I finally went to see Mount Fuji (富士山). I went towards the end of May.

Once a year from the end of April till beginning of June, there is a Festivity called Shibazakura Matsuri.

Shibazakura is a type of "cherry blossom" that grows from the ground. It comes in different types of pinkish colors.

Unfortunately for us the wether wasn't on our favor. It was really gloomy and cloudy that day... From time to time it was also raining. At the beginning I feared that I wouldn't be able to see Fuji-san at all. Luckily he decided to show up sometimes.

In the Fuji-san area there are 5 different lakes. We went to one lake in the area Yamanashi, Fujikawakuchiko, Motosu lake.

To get there we went on the train and had to change several times. The last station was Kawaguchiko. From there we took the bus to go to Motosu. We bought in Shinjuku an all-day pass that was around 4000 Yen. It's really worth buying that pass. From Saitama or Tokyo it takes almost 2 hours to get there!

We also went to the Kawaguchiko lake before leaving.

... we had to hurry up since it seemed like a storm was coming...

I still got some really nice pictures despite the gloomy day...

All in one I loved it!!! The nature around Fuji is just magical. It was one of the best experience that I had since coming to Japan. It's definitely worth going near Fuji-san.

Let's get some foodporn here!!! They had all Sakura themed food there!! I ate Sakura Ramen!! Ouuu yes!!! That was some delicious ramen!!

Sweets paradise!!! Everything just looked sooo delicious!!

Sakura flavoured cake!!! I wish I could eat it again!!

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