Montag, 17. November 2014

Adventure Time limited Shop in Shibuya

Just the other day my friend told me about the opening of an "Adventure time" shop in Shibuya. My best friend is a huge fan of adventure time so I got quite interested in it. It is only a limited shop though. Only up until the 11/24/2014.

When I was walking around Shibuya I came across the mascottes doing commercial and taking pictures on the street.
Beside the shop there are also various other events going on during that period.

The shop is in Shibuya inside the Marui Jam building at the 1F. 

Directions: From the Big crossing keep Starbucks on your left side and walk on the other side. It's right after McDonalds.

Don't worry if the store closes: Adventure time articles are available in several toystores around Tokyo. There is one in Harajuku.

Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Fall Time in Nikko, Tochigi - Lake Chuzenji-Ko, 10/26/2014

Fall is definitely my favorite season in Japan!! The weather is nice, it's mostly sunny and enough warm to just wear sweaters outside.
Even more exciting is Japan's nature during Fall. It looks so magical. This is why we decided to go outside of Tokyo and visit Nikko.

Instead of going by train, my friend rented a car for a day which was less expensive, if you are going in a group of more than 3 people. I only paid 4000 Yen for transportation. By train it would be more expensive.

We didn't go exactly to Nikko city but to a mountain close to the city. On that mountain there were two different lakes. A small one and a bigger one. That place is also famous for the waterfalls around the lakes.

We went up the mountain by car and hiked around the lakes.

On the way to the second lake we walked by a waterfall, it's the Ryuzu-no-taki.

Unfortunately the weather started to change towards the late afternoon. It was still really beautiful.

After the second lake there was a much bigger waterfall. It's called Kegon-no-Taki.

Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Kawagoe Aki Matsuri / Fall Festival 10/19/2014

Kawagoe is a city in the north of Tokyo in Saitama. From Shinjuku it takes about 50 minutes by train (Saikyo-sen) to get there. They call this city little Kyoto because it is built in a traditional way.

I finally found the time to go visit it. As I arrived at the station, it was full with people. I thought it might be because it's the last station of the train and because it's Sunday.
For my surprise the day I went there they were having a fall festival. The festival was held during the entire weekend.

There was a parade with traditional music and the people were wearing traditional clothes.

They had lots of foodstands and souvenir stands spread all over the city.

Since there were soo many people I didn't get to take a lot of pictures from the buildings.
Eighter way it's true that there were many old buildings and what I personally liked was to take a look at the traditional shops. There were many tea shops and also traditional japanese clothing stores. I had a lot of fun just checking them out.

traditional japanese tea pots