Sonntag, 9. März 2014

The Zoo in Ueno - 上野の動物園

Tokyo's zoo is really famous for its Pandas. The zoo is situated in Ueno, right next to the JR station. For some reason Pandas are really famous here in Japan. They have some kind of cuteness effect.
Beside Pandas they have other animals as well. They have elefants, monkeys, birds, small animals, ecc.

I've been at the zoo twice already. Once in Summer and once in Winter. Everytime I went there they were restructuring something and some accesses were close.
It's a big zoo, there are a lot of animals and you need an entire afternoon to see the entire place. Be careful in Winter closing hour is at 5 p.m.
I really like how they organised the zoo and it's in a really pretty surrounding. There is a lot of green and nature, unusual for Tokyo.

I personally would recommend to go in Summer. It was pretty cold when I went last February. Nice was that there weren't many people around. They don't put the animals in hibernation during Winter.
During Summer it's really crowded and depending on which month pretty hot and humid. 
The perfect season is probably in Spring, April to June.

The fee is not that expensive. It's 600 ¥ for adults.

Right next to the entrance of the zoo there is a little pizza place. The name of the place is "Pizza Savoia". They sell small pizza which are super delicious. Give it a try if you are already there.

Pizza Margherita