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My flight with Qatar Airlines Zurich - Tokyo

Before booking the flight with Qatar airlines, I had my doubts about them.
On internet I read a few reviews on different websites. They all had different opinions about this airline.
I was skeptical because they were always one of the most inexpensive airlines and they always had many offers.
On one review I read that sometimes they offer more tickets than places are available.
Although all those information, I still booked my flight with Qatar airlines.
I was kind of nervous when the day for departure arrived.

The day of departure

I was almost late, when I arrived at the gate all the passengers were already on board. I was held off when I tried to change my money. In the end I didn't even had time for the duty-free section. Well I had a 6 hour stay in Doha. Enough time there. XD
Btw I only got this kind of connections because I had to postpone my flight. Originally I would only have a 1 1/2 hour stay in Doha.

My thoughts about the Airline

My thoughts about this airline are the opposite from negative!!

The personal is really friendly. Their appearence is really representable. It seems that they even change coats during the flight. I had the feeling that they were walking more often back and forward than in other airlines.
You also have a function on your display were you can text the stuff for some needs.

The food is good. You receive a menu and can choose between two different ones.

I had Spätzli with chicken

I flew economy and had my own screen. As for movies they offered all the actual theater movies. I watched Despicable me 2! Was really funny.

They have internet on board, pretty cool heee?!? ;) Although you have to pay for it.
The window are sun repelling or better you can darken them.

The overall appearence of the plane was really good. Everything was clean, the seats were kind of comfortable especially for the head. They had a head pillow at the back. Seems that in the older planes they still don't have them yet.

I actually flew on 2 different planes. QR 806 and QR 94. I'm pretty sure my first flight was with a newer plane. Because from Doha I had a plane that wasn't as modern as the first one.

in the first plane QR806

Airport in Doha

It must be a huge airport. We had to take the bus from the landing line. It took us about 10 minutes to reach the buildings.
There are different stations and you know by the color of your ticket where you have to leave the bus. They also call it out loud. Unmissable!! =)

I had to leave at the Transfer&departure station. Right after security check you find all the duty-free sections.
A huuuuge section!! They have a really cool souvenir section.

Duty-Free Section

This airport also offers you free wifi!!
It's a fight to find any good dock station. They do have a location with dock station but they don't work. I had to sit in a small corner somewhere in the airport. This was kind of disappointing.

All in one I really enjoyed flying with Qatar. I would book a flight with them again. For some reason both of my planes were not full at all. I'm not sure if it's because it's not really a holiday season or if this airline is still not that trusted. Anyways from Doha I had the whole section for myself, no one sitting next to me, that was really nice!!

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