Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

My 2014 adventure in Tokyo starts!!

In a few days I'll be leaving for Japan again!! I actually should have been there already, but something went wrong with the visa application.
This time I'll be there with a student visa that expires in 1 year.

Extending Tourist Visa for 3 months

The first time I went with a tourist-visa that originally expired in 3 months, but as a swiss passport owner, I could extend the visa for other 3 months. I could do this while I was already in Japan at the immigration office. It's actually really simple and it doesn't take long. You only have to fill in a paper on where you are explaining why you want to stay longer.
It might be that not all nationalities can extend the tourist visa. So inform yourself before going to Japan.

Certificate of Eligibility

Through my school in Tokyo I requested a student visa called "CoE".
It requires 3 months to get that visa and you have to fill in quite some papers. Because my tourist visa was almost expired at that time, I had to leave Japan and go back to my country to wait for the results.
This visa permits me to work and study in Japan. The Work-and Holiday Visa doesn't exist for my country, so I had no choice than requesting this type of visa. The difference between these two visas is that with the CoE I have limited working hours, while with the work- and holiday visa you don't have a limit on working hours.


I had a few Swiss friends with the same visa and they both requested the visa while they where already in Japan, they didn't had to do anything in Switzerland.
When I received the accepted visa documents from my school per mail, I thought that I had to go to the immigration office in Japan.
Only 1 day before my departure I realised that I had to go to the japanese embassy here in my country to get the permission for my visa. This requires 1 week until it's done!!!
It never accured to me that I had to go there!!! It was kind of written in the papers that I got from my school, but I misunderstood it totally! That was quite a shock actually but in the end everything went well.
Actually I had to fill in some other documents at the japanese embassy. Kind of the same again as I had to fill in in Japan.

Working with the CoE

With the student visa I'll be able to work for 28 hr per week, which is quite a lot since I'm also going to school.
It's not necessary to work. If you don't need it you can also only go to school.

I received from my school a document that I have to submit at the airport. There I get the permission to work in Japan.
Actually you can also do it a the immigration office when you have already left the airport, but I guess it's easier to do it right from the beginning.

Kai Japanese School

A few friends asked me, if I was planning to change the school. I never thought about it and I don't see a reason why I should change school. I really like the school and their concept. All my friends are there and this is why I don't see a reason to change my school.
If you are interested in the school, here is the link to their website: Kai School

Guesthouse Hippo House Kita-Toda

I actually didn't want to go back to the same place where I was before. I still decided to go there again, because I know the people that are living there and it's not a start-over again.

I wrote a separate post about the guesthouse. Click here to know more about it.

Website: Hippo House Saitama

If there is a possibility to change and find a new place that is closer to my school and cheaper, I will take the opportunity.
I'm actually thinking of gathering some friends and rent an appartment. But well I still haven't figured it out.
I will let you know if something has changed.

Let's start with this adventure!! =)

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