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Transportation in Tokyo / Japan

The public transportation in Japan is definitely one of the best that I've ever seen. There are so many different trains going in many directions. They also have amazing subways that are incredibly clean and not as scary looking as the ones in Europe. It's super easy traveling around Japan with the Shinkansen. They are super fast and are running really often during the day.
They also in some places Buses, Trams and of course Taxis.

Transportation in Tokyo

The most used transportations in Tokyo are the trains and subways.
At the vending machine you can purchase a ticket for the destination you want to reach.
At some stations it's possible to change the language to english.

On this website you can check when the trains are running:

Suica Card

For those who stay longer than a month in Tokyo, I recommend purchasing a Suica Card.

It is a card that can be charged with money. That way it's not necessary to always purchase a train ticket.
This card can be used all over Japan.
The Suica card can also be purchased at every station vending machines.

Suica + track subscription

For those like me who have to go to the same place almost everyday, I would definitely recommend to make a track subscription. It's possible to buy them at the vending machine as well.
It's possible to have the track subscription printed on your Suica Card just like in the picture above. 

JR Rail Pass

Before coming to Japan, I was recommended to order the JR Rail Pass. It's a pass that can only be ordered outside from Japan. There are different time periods available. For 7, 14 and 21 days. The pass can be activated in Japan at the indicated train stations. Once it was activated, it's valid for the period it was ordered.
The JR pass can be activated within 3 months.

The JR Rail Pass can be ordered online. Just search for JR Pass on Google. There are different websites that sell them.

Activation of the JR Rail Pass 

It's possible to activate the JR Pass a few days earlier. I went to the information corner in Shinjuku. The lady asked me on which day I want to use it. At first you have to fill in a small document with your name and adress.
Th JR Pass must be shown to an officer at the station. It can't be scanned at the barriers.

For the Shinkansen it's possible to make a seat reservation. It is for free.
It is also possible to choose where to sit in the train.
There are a few Shinkansen that can't be used with the JR Pass. But don't worry, there are sooo many Shinkansen running throughout the day.
The JR Pass can only be used on the JR Rails and JR Shinkansen. (except for Nozomi and Mizuho)

I definitely recommend to buy the JR Pass, if you are traveling around Japan. The Shinkansen are usually really expensive, so this JR Pass is totally worth it.

I wish you all a save journey!! =)

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