Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

I'm a horrible blogger..Ageha, Disney, Madame Tissauds... New Haircut!!

I feel sooo horrible!!! I specially made this blog for my travel adventures, but I'm not blogging as much as I thought I would. Just soo much is going on!!!
In these past few weeks I met so many new people, I changed my school course, visited Disneyland, went on the biggest ferris wheel in the world, went to Madame Tissauds, went partying in Ageha and other cool stuff.

School life
Until last month I was going in a conversation class for 3 month. Since I decided to stay 3 more months in Japan, I changed to the general courses. So you may ask yourself what is the difference between those two courses so I like to explain it to you: 

Conversation class:
- everyday new grammar 
- few exercises
- talking while using the new grammar
- every month a new course starts
- 5 different levels
- small classes
- no kanji exercises
- no tests
- 4 h a day
- no writing exercises

General course: 
- everyday new grammar 
- everyday kanji exercises
- listening and writing exercises
- 1 semester goes 3 months
- speaking exercises with cd
- tests
- final exam

BTW I think I never told you in what school I'm going. It's the Kai Japanese Language School in Shin-Okubo. It's 1 station away from Shinjuku with the Yamanote Line. It's situated in the korean Town.
Here is the link to the schools website:

Summertime is getting crazy hot in here!!!!

Damn!!! I heard that it would be hot here in Tokyo, but feeling the real thing is crazy!!! I really am thankful for that person that invented air conditioner!! Sometimes when leaving the train it feels like entering an oven!! Be sure to carry around tissues! They will save you.
It wouldn't be that bad if it's only hot, but there are some days when it gets really humid and the clothes are sticking on your skin.


After 3 months I finally went to Odaiba. It's an Island in the south of Tokyo.
It's really pretty there. It is definitely the perfect place for a date!!

I went on the highest Ferris Wheel in the world. It was pretty cool. The view was amazing. Actually I want to go again when it's nighttime. =)

In Odaiba I also found the statue of Liberty!! Lol why going to New York if you can find it in Tokyo as well ;)


This was my first time ever in Disneyland. Just being there feels so magical!! There were a lot of shows. Most of the food had some Mickey shape.
Be prepared for long waiting times at the roller caster and no seats in the restaurants.

Madame Tissouds

It's different from the one in London. Here in Tokyo it's placed in Odaiba. Basically you could took pictures with almost every single one, because it wasn't crowded at all. I was really surprised about it. There are less wax statues than in London, but it's really cool.

AGEHA Partytiiiime!!!

Damn!! This club is sooooo cool!! They have an outside "floor" with a pool. Well you actually can't enter the pool, but still an outside floor!! How cool is that?!?

That club is huge. There are a lot of partypeople and they sometimes have some theme going on really cool. I actually went to some cosplay event. They were all dressed up. It was amazing.

Ageha is the biggest club in Tokyo and it's situated in Shin-Kiba. Quite far away from the center. Apparently they have some buses running from Shibuya that goes directly to Ageha. There is also a train station near the Club. So it's quite easy to reach it.

New Haircut

I cut my hair!! Like a lot!! I used to always have long hair, never wanted to cut them. I felt like they would be my symbol. I was so proud of them.

Recently it was getting so hot and I was always putting my hair in a bun. I got annoyed by it.
As the new song from Miley Cyrus was released, i was thinking at how much she changed optically after cutting her hair and I started to wonder how I would look with short hairs. 
Somehow while I was thinking about it I started to have that wish to change something while I'm here in Japan.
On a Friday afternoon after school I decided that it was time to cut them.
It feels sooo great. I really was asking myself why didn't I cut them earlier!!
They are so light and they dry in no time.
How I decided the length?? I just wanted an extreme change but still the possibility to tight my hairs so i decided them to be a bit longer then the shoulders and with layers.

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