Sonntag, 31. März 2013

First day.. First impression... Tokyo

This morning around 10 a.m. I landed in Narita. I feared that I would suffer a total jet-lag but until now it's totally ok. I feared I couldn't sleep in the plane, but I slept most of the time. I went from Zurich to Amsterdam. There I had to switch plane and went with a bigger one to Narita. While waiting in Amsterdam I already made my first contact with a japanese. He was sitting next to me and just started to talk with me. It was really nice.

The flight with KLM was great. Except that my skin broke out really bad... Right now I have a huuuge pimple on my cheek, even thought I didn't wore makeup, only concealer and powder. I even took it off before I slept and I even moisturized my skin regularly...

The cabin crew member were really friendly and there were a few who could speak in japanese. the passengers were almost all japanese.
There was a japanese cabin crew member that looked exactly like Dara from 2ne1, soooo pretty.
...and there was also a good looking guy that looked like Siwon from SuJu.

At the airport in Narita was everyone really nice and helpful. They all speak english so there shouldn't be any problem.
I decided to go on my own to my sleeping place which is called Hippo House. The school was so nice to give me a description with the details of where do I have to pass..
At Narita there were different possibilities. I went with the JR Skyliner to Nippori. From there I had to take the JR trains and that's when it became complicated.
I had to change 3 time the train but I didn't know, if I had to pay again for my ticket, since the first time I only paid for Ikebukuro but I had to go until Kitatoda. I tried to ask and officer that worked at the station, but he couldn't speak english and my japanese was too bad to explain. I just tried and went on the next train. Accidentally I went on the wrong one and only realized that after 5 stations. I immediately left the train and tried to ask another officer. He also couldn't speak that well english but I managed to ask in broken japanese which train I have to take to get to Kitatoda.
In the end I had to pay more for my ticket. The officer at the station in Kitatoda just calculated the difference and I could pay it to him.
In Kitatoda I still had to walk 5 minites until the house, but I couldn't understand how the address systeme here in Japan, so I asked someone and she even took me to the place. I'm really fascinated by the peoples kindness. It's thanks to those people that I found the place.

Just random thought.....

I feel like I'm in a manga!!
No joke as I arrived at my sleeping place, which is in Saitama in north Tokyo near Kitatoda station, I felt like I was a manga character.
Everything looked exactly like in a Manga. It was so amusing. I'm looking forward to see more.

Before leaving I heard that Sakura was already blooming and was really disappointed that I wouldn't see them, since I planned my trip that way so I could see them.
Still as I went with the Skyliner to Tokyo I saw sooooo many Sakura trees blooming and was sooo happy to see them. They are sooo beautiful and there are so many of them.
Right in front of my home there is a street with Sakura tree and I fell in love with them.

Let's talk about something fun:
Those vending machines are in every corner of Tokyo. I see them everywhere. They even have ice cream machines and I always wanted one for my office in summer.

Actually I couldn't take a lot of picture today because I first wanted to go to my sleeping place. There they were already worried about me, because I came so late. I thought that was really cute.
There are a lot of japanese staying there. That's great so I can practice my japanese.Until now I only saw another girl from Switzerland. There should be about 50 people living here, but it's really quiet.

My room is really pretty. I love the color of the blanket. It's so girly.
The bathroom is clean and we have Wi-Fi in the community room which I'm going to check out later.

After I organized myself in my new home I went to a grocery store to buy some food for dinner.
Actually they were so many unknown products and the descriptions were all in japanese, that I didn't buy something decent. I was too tired to try to read them.
In the end I decided to buy chicken that was already had prepared.

I'm sooo excited about the comig days. There are going to be so many new things. I'm soooo excited.
Tomorrow I have school. I have class in the afternoon from 13:30 until 16:30.

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