Montag, 13. Mai 2013

10 random things about Tokyo

What's with all those bottom?!?
1. Toilets with seat warmer

I heard before that the toilets in Japan are totally out of our league. I even thought I would need a guide for it. Actually all those buttons on the side are features. They still work like our toilets do. The thing that totally made me speechless were the seat warmer. I mean like seriously that's somehow really cool, but still kind of wierd.... That's sooo Japan. =)

2. Puricura

Ever heard of that??
They are really popular here in Japan. Basically they are pass pictures you take with your friends. The cool part about it is that you can add many features, like stickers, texts, emotions and much more. It's a lot of fun. Somehow you always look good on these pictures. It's really worth trying them out, because it's a really good memento from Japan.

3. Sweet Crepes

I don't know if other countries have them too. In my country we only have Crepe with Nutella. But they can not be compared to the Crepes from Japan. They basically are Crepes that come in different flavors. I only knew them through animes. They really are delicious. I really looove them. There are a lof of Crepe stands in Harajuku.

Entrance to the Meiji Shrine

4. Visiting Harajuku

Sooo many people in Harajuku
Harajuku is one of my favorite places in Tokyo. It's awesome for shopping. There are sooo many different stores. There are also the basic stores like H&M, F21 and Topshop. Also a lot of other stores.
Harajuku is known for it's fashion. There are a lot of people that are really styled. It's a lot of fun watching them. I think this quarter is really fun. On the other side of the station, there is also the Meiji shrine, the biggest Shintō-Shrine in Tokyo. Next to it, is the Yoyogi park. It's a really cool park to hang around or for Hanami.

5. Crossing in Shibuya

Seriously this crossing is really impressive. It's sooo much fun to see all those people cross the streets at the same time. Wooooow!!! There are sooo many. It's always like this. It's not like once a day. It's the entire day long. Really impressive.

Oppa Gangnam Style!!! =)

6. Shin-Okubo Tokyo's Korean town
K-POP stairs in Shin Okubo

Yess!!!! I'm a K-POP fan and find paradise there. My school is situated there and I didn't know that it was the korean town in Tokyo. Imagine how my eyes were shining as I arrived there for the first time. ;) There are many korean restaurants and fan stores there. It's a really cool street, definitely worth visiting it.
And while you are already there you have to try Hottok. They are really yummie.

7. Karaoke

I'm not a good singer. I never sing in public. Only at home, in my car, under the shower but I'm always alone.
I still wanted to go to Karaoke, because it's sooo Japan. I wanted to know what they love soo much about it. Seriously it's soooo much fun. Actually it's not that easy to sing karaoke. I needed e few songs until I got the hang of it.

8. Izakaya

No plans at the weekend? No problem just go to a Izakaya. There are a lot of Izakayas all over Tokyo. There you can drink and eat for good prices. It's really lively in there. Pretty much fun. I like to drink cocktails and eat Yakitori there.

9. Hanami / Parks

It's really popular in Tokyo to go to the park. There are a few big parks in Tokyo, like the Ueno park or the Yoyogi park. They both are really pretty and big. I prefer the Yoyogi park thought. It's better located.
There are always a lot of people in the park. Most of them are in groups. They play, eat, sleep or do whatever they like. It's really nice. Especially because it doesn't feel like you are not in Tokyo anymore.

10. Just try to walk around

It's crazy but most of the time your traveling around with the train or subway. You don't really get to see a lot of Tokyo like that. This is why I sometimes just leave a station and walk around for a bit. It's really impressive what places there are in Tokyo. It's really worth walking around sometimes.

The sun sets in paradise...

Finally found the sea in Yokohama

Tokyo Sky Tree view by night

Still made it in time to see the beautiful Sakura

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