Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Kawagoe Aki Matsuri / Fall Festival 10/19/2014

Kawagoe is a city in the north of Tokyo in Saitama. From Shinjuku it takes about 50 minutes by train (Saikyo-sen) to get there. They call this city little Kyoto because it is built in a traditional way.

I finally found the time to go visit it. As I arrived at the station, it was full with people. I thought it might be because it's the last station of the train and because it's Sunday.
For my surprise the day I went there they were having a fall festival. The festival was held during the entire weekend.

There was a parade with traditional music and the people were wearing traditional clothes.

They had lots of foodstands and souvenir stands spread all over the city.

Since there were soo many people I didn't get to take a lot of pictures from the buildings.
Eighter way it's true that there were many old buildings and what I personally liked was to take a look at the traditional shops. There were many tea shops and also traditional japanese clothing stores. I had a lot of fun just checking them out.

traditional japanese tea pots

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